Frivolite or tatting


 Something new I tried before Christmas. I like to work with needles and yarn, thread, ribbons, so frivolite or tatting in general, needle tatting in particular was a lot of fun for me and something I quickly got the hang of. i do not think I am going to try shuttle tatting, needle tatting is plenty exciting and quite versatile for me.
Here are a few things that I made for presents for some people last year (weird, already last year :) ).

A snowflake -- I like those, I will probably make a bigger one at some point to use as a doily, they look beautiful.

Another little creation of mine is a bookmark in a shape and colours of a Finnish flag. It was a given to a Finnish person (what a surprise :) ).

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website or a piece of soutache jewellery in general -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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