Corsica. Part II


Second day in Corsica met us with a grey cloudy sky and a promise of rain. 
Looking at the satellite pictures it is seemed most likely, that we won't get too much rain if head north - up to Cap Corse, sounds good!
So we saddled our little Renault Clio (got an almost brand new one -- just 200 km on the odometer) and went up north. We didn't see any rain on the way, just some clouds and even some sun :)
After passing through Bastia (will see it on another day) we went driving on a supposedly most spectacular road in this part of Corsica -- D80. The nicest part of it is on the west side of the island and it truly is spectacular -- beautiful rocks with the sea as the nice background.
This side of the island we saw some interesting beaches.

The beach is covered in a think layer of a sea grass called Poseidonia, apparently this is good as when the grass mixes up with sand it saves the beach from erosion during storms.
This layer has an odd springy feel to it.

After rounding the tip of the island we decided to descend and check out a small coastal town of Centuri -- I liked the name :) There wasn't very much to see there -- a nice little harbour and some narrow really steep streets with little touristy looking restaurants in them. later we learned that it was good for us to be there too early for dinner as it is a very expensive place to eat. 

Saw some weird huge plants looking like oversized dill plants -- anyone has any idea, what these really are?
It was great driving down that road at this time of year (also I think cloudy/rainy weather had some play in it too) as the road was totally deserted, I could stop in the middle of the road and take photos if I saw something worth it. :)

And then we came to a traffic light -- odd in fact as the road was quite straight at that point. The reason for the light was this derelict asbestos plant. It turns out this whole territory has not yet been cleaned up from the asbestos and now is still closed up. The beach below the plant is black shingle -- looks very strange. This is just before the town of Nonza.

Quite a few of those crypts around, but this one seems to have an exceptionally nice view (if you can be bothered with views after death :) )

One of the Genoan towers in the town of Nonza.

It started getting late and we go hungry, after looking at the map and having in mind, that we do not want to be driving too far at night we settled for Saint Florent as our dinner spot.
This little seaside town has a nice harbour and a nice central part of the town -- lots of very nice (at least from outside) restaurants.
We tried a restaurant a bit further from the harbour, a place called La Cabestan, mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide. This was the first time when the recommendation has disappointed me so much -- the food was almost inedible, the seafood cocktail salad -- no taste at all, just a random mishmash of this and that, fish -- way overdone, dry and obviously not fresh ,the dessert -- a gob of sweet tasteless something...
oh well, not such a nice end to a very nice day.

Getting home involved driving over the mountains in a heavy fog and rain (I guess it must have been the clouds and not fog at that point). We did get back ok -- I go the hang of those twisty narrow mountain roads pretty fast.

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website or a piece of soutache jewellery in general -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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