Etsy Christmas swap


 Now this took me a while :) We had a Christmas swap in Lithuanian Etsy team and this is what I received:

 I was sooo happy! Felted slippers are perfect for my constantly cold feet and even colder floors in my house in the winter. Thank you so much Egle!Check out her Etsy shop for more lovely felted slippers.

 And I got to be a Christmas elf for another handy craftswoman Laima from ColorTime by LairaM. This is what I gave her:

 Kimekomi turned into my passion just recently, but I cannot stop making them it seems :)

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website or a piece of soutache jewellery in general -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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