Etsy European Team Captains' Summit


Last weekend I had a great opportunity to visit European team captains' summit.

We all received lovely bags of goodies.
And the fun started!
The icebreaking went on without any hitches, as we discussed what is it that we have in common apart from being captains of the teams (which I am not :) ) and being here in Berlin for the summit. You can't imagine how creative we got, some of us going even into the choice of underwear.
Then came lunch:
I must say, that this was probably one of the best events that I have attended as far as the food goes. Being very picky, I have a hard time liking the food that I have not chosen myself, and here I was delighted though the whole weekend -- lovely vegetarian lunches, great breakfast menu with fresh fruit and various cheeses and to top the whole thing of -- amazing 4 course dinner! Thank you to the whole Etsy team for that!
After lunch -- the slightly nervous part for me -- i had to present Lithuania Team battle with Lithuanian post:
I got the adrenalin rush from this for sure :) And it made me remember the whole debacle as if it was only yesterday.
Both days were packed with information and activities -- I learned so much and made a lot of great new friends!

Thank you Etsy people!

From all of us:

P.S. -- photos are not mine, I have borrowed them from all the great girls who took them during the summit. (made sure to borrow only the allowed ones :) )

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of jewellery -- leave a comment or convo me on etsy.

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