FIFE World Cat Show '11


We got back from the show on Monday, and finally I found some time to write about it. This is an annual show, happening last weekend of October somewhere in the world. This time it was in Poznan and we (me and Kristina, the owner of  Karmino Cat cattery) decided that it is close enough to go and see what it is for ourselves.
We took two cats with us -- Exlibris Karmino cat (better known as Bučkis) and Excalibur Karmino Cat or Ex, as I call him at home. They are brothers of the same litter and look very much alike, except for a small detail -- Bučkis is a KBS (Kurilean Bobtail shorthair) and Ex -- KBL (Kurilean Bobtail Longhair). Thought truth to be told, kurilean bobtails (or if you google mostly called kurillian bobtails) are not truly longhair -- they are semi-long-hair, the only true longhairs being Persians and Exots.

The preparation took some time -- we wanted to represent our cattery as best we could so I sat down behind my sowing machine and started cracking. It took me a while -- sowing something this big for the first time and designing too :) A lot of thinking on what to do with the cattery name, deciding at the last moment to simply glue it to the material and hoping it will stay for all of the show. It seems we chose the colours well -- the cats simply shine inside :) Aaand here's the result:

I haven't seen so many cats in one place -- there were around 1500 of them in various shapes and colours. And the owners as well in various shapes and colours :) The photo below shows our friends from Russia dressed in their national attire:

I didn't take many photos as I was tired from a 12 hour drive to Poznan the day before and coming down with some bug -- sleepless nights during the prior week while dealing with my latest litter (more on that later) and sowing the show curtains for the cage. The opening was supposedly spectacular -- didn't see it -- was guarding the cages. Anyways -- the only bright thing for me in shows are the people that I meet there, because everything else is terribly boring...

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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