Firefly CLARP


Sunday was a great day -- sunny, warm and also we had a CLARP (cabinet LARP) in Firefly setting.

The crew and passengers of the Bumble Bee

The week before was a nightmare -- lots of work at work and at home trying to finish my first ever "real" clothes that I made myself from scratch -- i.e. a vest based on Zoe's from Firefly. I think it went well if you take into consideration that it was my first try :) Did not make it from leather as I do not have a sowing machine that works with leather and I knew that I won't have enough time to do it all by hand. So here it is:

Fixer and handy-woman Gema Zhēnguì

A "security" guy Jao
We also had the new owner and
future captain of the ship Striker

A desperate scientist (passenger)
A ship medic Agony Riddick

Bumble Bee pilot


Mechanic Blue Vorta


Crazy Reaver wanna-be preacher

Bumble Bee cook

There were more roles, unfortunately do not have good pictures of them.
Investigating an infection

Somethings fishy in the hold

I said I'll take care of it!

I know I'm doing it wrong, but it was an airsoft gun -- no kickback and mine was one of the best results ;)

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website or a piece of soutache jewellery in general -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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