Pastel August


I have been asked to make several items for a real life jewelry shop this summer. Of course there is always "loads" of free time when it's good weather outside, so I only got around to doing it just now.
I have been talking to various people (shop owners included) about what goes best and the advice was -- pastel colours, less bright than what I usually make. So voila -- my pastel series:

The two pairs of earrings above are a repeat of my previous design although it looks quite different when using different soutache braid. It is made with Czech glass drop, glass beads and silver coloured details for finish. I have made the ear wires myself -- the traditional ones look very boring and I did not like them for this design. So silver plated Gutterman wire for the ear-hooks.

These two designs incorporate rutillated quartz  -- lovely stones with streaks of black through them. Also Gutterman seed Beads and one of the pairs -- hand made ear wires, the first one sports conventional ones -- it went well with the design.
The lenght of all the designs is from 5.5 to 6.5cm.

You can find them in my Etsy shop or contact me directly.

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website or a piece of soutache jewellery in general -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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