About me

I am Aiste -- ex IT project manager, jeweler and a wife to wonderful husband Tadas.

I love making jewelry! I love beautiful things and being able to create them makes me very happy.
I grew up surrounded by nature and crafting -- my grandmother grew all kinds of decorative trees and knitted lovely scarves, warm gloves and socks. She also dressed my mother in her youth and her clothes taught me elegance and a sense of uniqueness in otherwise bleak soviet fashion.
My grandfather was an amber craftsman (and a national artist craftsman with some prizes to his name) -- his workshop always smelled of wood, resin and amber, his amber jewellery and souvenirs instilled a sense of wonder and amazement in me -- such wonderful things born of hard and precise work and love of crafting and art.

We have a bunch of cats -- kurilian bobtails. I have also a kurilian bobtail cattery Woden. Wonderful friends and little furry companions, you will find photos and more about them from time to time on my blog.

I own a horse -- Westphalian gelding named Lucky. He is my four-legged psychiatrist and exercise machine :)