More lies from Lithuanian Post (Lietuvos paštas)


In yet another publication (sadly again only in lithuanian)

The journalists claim that Estonia has imposed the same restrictions this spring and that estonians are very happy with it. Sounds legit, right?
But I do not trust what I read unless there is hard data to go with it and when I look for that data her is what I find ( in Estonian post page:

Weight and dimensions:

Maximum weight: 2000 g
Minimum dimensions: 90 mm x 140 mm (length x width) or the rolled length and twice the diameter totalling 170 mm; longest dimension 100 mm
Maximum dimensions: 230 x 330 x 20 mm (length, width, thickness). 

So far it seems that our journalist was correct. But wait a moment, why is there another category after the first one?

International maxi letters

Maximum dimensions: length, width, and height totalling 900 mm; or the rolled length and twice the diameter totalling 1,040 mm; longest dimension 900 mm

So what do we have in this case? A clear distinction between letters and packages and also different rules for international and domestic "letters" and in the case of international "letters" all seems to go back to normal. So can we please get a deeper investigation next time before writing an article or is it pointless to ask for something like this from Lithuanian journalists?

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