Lithuanian Post Saga continues


Those, that have followed this blog remember, that we had a fight with Lithuanian Post office last year over some legal questions over pricing last year.
This year the Post office strikes again.
It seems that they have learned at least somewhat from their mistakes, as now they are trying to get the new prices and sorting rules approved by RRT (Regulatory authority that they are supervised by) and it also seems that someone has spoken to the minister of transportation prior to him giving an interview to the press (or maybe he is somewhat soft-brained in his own right).
You can find the minister's position and some words spoken by the Lithuanian Post director here:
(sorry, Lithuanian only)
The gist of it is that Lithuanian post is trying to remove small parcel category yet again, calling everything that is higher than 2 cm -- a package, that of course costs about 3 times or more than a small parcel would at the moment.

Again, we (and by we, I mean the crafting community) reiterate, that we would agree to a price change, but at the moment they are trying to push through the same system change as last year.

Please, dear minister Rimantas Sinkevičius, stop claiming, that Lithuanian Post is not a monopoly and people can choose other carriers. Yes it is a monopoly and people cannot choose other carriers for letters and small parcels going abroad.

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