A short vacation in Rome


Everyone needs time off. I'm no exception, and this short vacation was amazing -- decided to go on Saturday and was on the plane Sunday evening -- three days packed with wonderful food and sights!
Great photos courtesy of Simona.

Narrow streets and cozy courtyards with ancient churches in them.

Quaint atmosphere and street performers.

 Amazing food! I miss it so much...

Of course we visited the Coliseum. Was not too impressed -- Syria has "ruined" all the Roman ruins for me :)

And Vatican -- now that I liked a lot. (Except for the climb up to the top of the St. Peters Basilica, why does it have to be so high up? :) )

The view from the top though... Definitely worth it!

Some spaces in the Vatican museum are amazing (those steps are closed the the public, Simona got a photo by leaning out across the guard line :) )

We absolutely had to visit the Borghia gardens -- beautiful huge park, with lots of interesting stuff around.

 The Spanish steps -- full of guys with roses.

  And The Pantheon -- now this was really impressive!

I am definitely coming back! One more city to add to my worth visiting list :)

All the pictures are taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. If you fancy a piece of jewellery -- leave a comment or convo me on etsy.

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