My stones. Part I


I am going to post photos of the more interesting stones that I have and information about them for those who would like to order a custom made piece of jewellery.

This is first part in which I will show you photos of beautiful Simbircite cabochons that I acquired recently.

This particular kind of stone has been discovered only recently and only in Russia. This is what you can find on the internet about it (the emphasis is mine):

"Simbircite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, new to the gemstone world. Much Simbircite on the market today comes from the Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk, sic!), Russia and can add to one's collection of fine minerals from this wonderful mine. 
The stone has a fine glassy polish. The living creature makes Simbircite a perfect stone for jewellery! Simbircite is an ancient stone, Hauterivian Age, Earlier Cretaceous, during 80 million years crystals of Calcite, Aragonite, Pyrite, Marl, Chabazite and Quartz filled the emptiness in bowls of huge ammonites, contemporaries of dinosaurs, creating thus unique, fantastic patterns and color gamut from citrous up to dark brown. 

The stone contains fossilized remnants of ancient sea life. Simbircite is a warm stone. It gives the energy to the person who carries it. For many nations of the world hardened ammonites and their fragments, and also products from them are symbols of a prosperity, family well-being, happiness. 
It is considered, that Simbircite promotes accumulation of vital energy as absorbs negative energy, helps to get rid of indecision and suspiciousness. It is a stone of self-assured people, it alleviates fear, calms and clears the mind. Products from Simbircite rejuvenate and strengthen memory."

It is really pleasant to touch, warm and feels alive somehow.
The photos are of the stones that I have.

This particular stone is simbircite with pyrite, unique warm mix with metallic shine added by pyrite.

All the pictures are of the stones and jewellery I own and taken by me.
If you fancy a piece of soutache jewellery with any of the stones on my website -- send me a message or convo me on etsy.

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